E9x M3, e92 Pre LCI Angel Eye Plug & Play Kit

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E9x M3, e92 Pre LCI Angel Eye Plug and Play Kit

Details: This kit is meant to replace the OEM angel eye rings. The larger angel eye ring simply screws onto where the OEM angel eye was. The smaller angel eye ring simply clips on to where the OEM angel eye ring was clipped into. Unplug and remove the OEM angel eye bulb and plug in the new canbus angel eye harness. This will have no error messages on the dash and no coding required.

LED Types: This kit uses the SMD 3014 LEDS which are smaller LEDs but are much closer together which means smaller gaps between the LEDs more LEDs also means a lot brighter output. 

Mounting Bracket Colors: The angel eye mounting brackets will come in 2 colors, Black & White. Typically if you choose to blackout the headlight, we would recommend the black mounting brackets. If you choose to leave the chrome, we recommend using the white mounting brackets but the choice is yours.